True Life: I Am A Dog Mom



Growing up in life I always told myself all I ever wanted was a successful career, money, and to have fun. Well, that was up until my mid twenties when I realized the feeling of the phrase “my biological clock is ticking”. I took a step back, looked around, and realized plenty of women around me were getting married or having children. I never thought I wanted a husband or a family of my own, mostly because of my upbringing and the childhood that I had, but I’ve come to realize that a family of my own is what I am looking forward to most in the next chapters of my life. So how does this play into being a dog mom? Well how many of you ladies out there have heard the words, “I don’t want you to end up being the single crazy dog lady”? NEWSFLASH: I love being the crazy dog lady because a dog has never made me cry or question my self worth!

What would this post be with out a brief background of my dog? Cody is a three-year-old German shepherd, and up until 24 years old I had gone my whole life with out owning a dog. I will never forget the day we brought Cody home, mostly because I didn’t get any sleep that night and instantly questioned what we had gotten ourselves into. There have been plenty of lessons learned through out the last three years, mainly to keep everything out of Cody’s reach, which was easier when he was a puppy. Even though there have been times when I have wanted to sit him in the front yard with a free sign around his neck, I can never forget all the times that Cody has been a true companion when I’ve needed him most. Also known as the times I have been sitting on the couch crying because of something life threw my way, but Cody would jump up and lay next to me until I calmed down. Cody knows all my secrets, and lets just say it’s a good thing he can’t speak English.

I know that if any of my friends are reading this, they are laughing and totally agreeing, especially the friends who are in the same place in life that I am. I have been given a hard time for how much my dog means to me, and I don’t care. Life is better with paws, and if you don’t agree, well then I think you’re CRAZY! If you are reading this and you have wanted a dog but haven’t taken that step yet, go out and rescue one ASAP because you won’t regret it. So many dogs need someone to adopt them, and love them, and offer them a permanent home. Check your local SPCA’s or look online for different rescue groups, because there is a perfect dog out there for everyone who wants one.