Overqualified and Jobless

I have always been proud of my career and all that I accomplished with the company I previously worked for, but starting over has been the true definition of a struggle. It all starts with your resume and cover lever and when you finally complete them then there is the whole application process. I have probably sent out hundreds of applications in the last 60 days, and from those hundreds of applications I have only landed three interviews. The last external job interview I had was over 8 years ago, and since then it has been internal interviews for promotions, so lets just say my interview skills are a little rusty. Set aside the rusty interview skills and then there is a whole new obstacle of what do I wear? For those who know me, they know my outfit means everything. So I’ve done all of this work just to get an interview and I have stressed over the perfect interview outfit so what’s next, the actual interview!

One common thing I heard through out every interview is that I am over qualified based on my experience. Yes, I know this; I changed my entire life for a change of pace. My application for the job was intentional. I am flattered to hear that I am over qualified, but I don’t need to be reminded of it through out the interview. You would think a company would be happy that someone who is over qualified is willing to come aboard. So once I get through the over qualified portion of the interview, next comes the obstacle of wanting to keep me in the box of my experience. I didn’t apply for a job that is the same as my previous job, so please see my skill set and apply it to your field of work. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to show someone how you are qualified for the job based on your experience when all they see is what you come from. So, you make it through the interview and then what comes next? The waiting game!

Waiting to hear back about a potential opportunity makes days seem like weeks and a week seem like a month. Luckily I have a job opportunity that I am excited about, so the wait isn’t as bad. Let’s face it though I wish I could make a living off my love for puppies, champagne, and fashion. That would be a real dream come true.



3 thoughts on “Overqualified and Jobless

  1. I thought you were going back t school full-time? I hope follow through with that plan. You’d make an excellent lawyer. Until then, maybe when they tell you that you are over qualified you can reply back that you don’t believe in being over qualified because you’ve never worked for their company and each company has a learning curve. You are, absolutely SOLIDLY qualified. xoxox

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  2. Stephanie you are the best! I love that you have followed along and that you continue to support me. I will always appreciate our relationship and all that it has overcome. You have taught me a lot about myself and people in our time together. Making the life change that I made has opened my mind and I am in the process of narrowing it down to exactly what I want. In the mean time this girl needs to get paid, you know I have champagne taste xoxo


  3. I am so proud that you still “move forward” as you have reminded me to do too! I have actually looked outside the box on my last 4 interview I have had to fill two positions that I am filling-so thank you for the reminder that skills are skills and can bring different thoughts and ideas to the table that may make things work better. Remember “work smarter not harder” ❤️️You!


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